Dear Hobbyists, due to unstable shipping conditions these days. We are suspending our activities for a while. We beleive it won’t take long. If you have any questions please mail to

Hello fellow hobbyists!
All systems online.

We charge manually via Paypal, it is not instant, check you email after placing an order.

And our june release, 1/32 scale, plastic.

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Hello fellow hobbyists. We don’t process orders, our post is on quarantine till Jun for sure. International logistic is stuck.

Take care.


Black Friday at Warhansa!
10% on orders placed before Monday (November 26).

warhansa 1/32 toy soldiers miniatures 28mm action figures

Meet our new mechs Cerberus and Black reiter. Here is a fan made illustration of our new mechs.
3d printed mechs

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